Book an Intuitive Crystal Mapping session


Intuitive Crystal Mapping is a form of remote energy therapy. It uses the perfect vibrations of the various crystals to entrain the client’s energy body and affect vibrational alignment, which brings about relief and clarity with respect to just about any kind of issue – physical, or emotional. Intuitive Crystal Mapping is performed remotely, so that clients can by physically located anywhere on the planet!

Therapeutic consultations take place over the phone or the internet through voice or video meetings. These ½ hour or 45 minutes sessions zero in on the core issue(s) that are causing personal distress. After the consultation, the client can go about his usual activities as Jody creates a personal crystal mapping.

The crystals will remain in place for 2 weeks, programmed to affect your personal energy field. You will also receive a 5 to 10 page report from Jody, including photos or your crystal layout, and additional intuitive guidance. Although the initial consultation with Jody will last 30 to 45 minutes, you will notice that the appointment slots are for 3 hours, this is for scheduling purposes so that Jody has time to do the mapping while you go about your day.

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