Intuitive Crystal Mapping

Crystals are powerful tools for remote energy healing (meaning the client does not have to be present for the therapy to work). Crystal energy is not bound by time or space. Intuitive Crystal Mapping can be performed on your behalf while you go about your usual activities, and this energy treatment can be delivered to you no matter where you are physically located.  Sound vibrations can travel across enormous distances, such as when you speak with others on the telephone. Thought vibrations and healing energy can travel equally long distances, although you may not always be aware of it when it’s happening. This is because you don’t always receive those vibrations through one of the five basic physical senses. However, many people are attuned to their other senses. It’s a type of supersensory awareness that enables them to feel healing energy and therapeutic impacts in a physical way. If you don’t experience these sensations from your crystal mapping, rest assured that crystal therapy will reach you and you will feel its results and benefits.

What does Intuitive Crystal Mapping entail?

Intuitive Crystal Mapping is a form of remote energy therapy. It uses the perfect vibrations of the various crystals to entrain the client’s energy body and affect vibrational alignment, which brings about relief and clarity with respect to just about any kind of issue – physical, or emotional.

Intuitive Crystal Mapping is performed remotely, so that clients can by physically located anywhere on the planet!

Therapeutic consultations take place over the phone or the internet through voice or video meetings. These ½ hour sessions zero in on the core issue(s) that are causing personal distress. Remote sessions offer the advantage of focus, as there are no distractions. This allows you and your crystal therapist to directly connect with the problem(s) at hand.

Entrainment Between You and the Electromagnetic Vibration of the Crystals

Humans beings are complex systems. Your body is constantly emitting electromagnetic signals. And you receive electromagnetic signals from elements in your environment. Unlike crystals, though, yours is not a perfect, replicable, singular crystalline structures. Your vibrations are affected by many things – above all, thoughts, and your beliefs – which are simply practiced thoughts. Your thoughts trigger emotions. And emotions dictate your vibrations. Your vibrational patterns can be thought of musically. An orchestra has many musicians playing at the same time, but if one or more are out of pitch, the aural (even the emotional) effect is dissonant. Equally, as individuals, you produce several different vibrations simultaneously. Like an orchestra, you can be in sync in one aspect, but out of balance in another. Crystals entrain your separate vibrations to match their unique, constant, perfect, and consistent vibrations. By coming into balance this way you become healthier in mind, body, and spirit. Clients frequently say that their crystal treatments have helped them feel better, lighter, and more in tune with who they really are.

Treating the Whole Person

Conventional medicine has offered humanity numerous advances and many physicians are highly skilled. Crystal therapy should be considered an adjunct to, not necessarily a replacement for, more standard medical treatments. Nevertheless, do bear in mind a notable difference between the two approaches. Your body consists of many parts and interconnected systems, which function together as a whole. And while modern medicine achieves great victories through its numerous specializations, it frequently neglects the holistic. It quite literally misses (if not diminishes or outright rejects) the fact that your parts and systems, as well as the abundant and diverse factors that affect them, are part and parcel of a greater whole. Crystal therapy addresses that whole – as opposed to any “defective part” – by treating the cause (vibrational incongruity) that results in your being out of alignment.

Your Road to a Higher Vibration

You will receive a “Road map” – a report explaining how you got where you are right now, and most importantly, how to get back on the right path.  I, along with the power of the crystals, will guide you to the other side of any challenge.

Think of your true path as a shimmering “yellow brick road” that’s easy to traverse and when you walk that path you flow with ease in the direction of your dreams.  Next to that road is a path full of brambles and thorns.  That road runs in parallel to the yellow brick road, and it leads to the same end, but to make progress along it requires cutting and thrashing through the weeds, and entails some pain and dis-ease.  Intuitive Crystal Mapping will allow you to step out of the thicket and onto “easy street”, your true path, with ease and grace!

The way remote crystal therapy works:

1) We start with a conversation – usually about 30 to 45 minutes, phone or Skype, during which you would tell me your most important issue at the time.  This can be emotional, situational, or physical – whatever is most important to you at the moment.  During this conversation, in addition to ascertaining the issue that we will be working on with the crystals, I provide intuitive guidance based on the Law of Attraction (and this is expanded upon in the written report you receive after the mapping).

2) After the consultation, you are free to go about your usual activities while I choose the stones that will be in your layout, and I perform the crystal mapping.  I activate the layout of crystals to work from a distance – trust me – it will get to you, wherever you are – it’s that powerful.  The crystal mapping remains active for 2 weeks, during which time your energy body will respond to the therapy. More detailed information on this is supplied in your report (see below)

3) After I complete the crystal mapping, I take photos of the layout to send you for use in meditation, or just to have the crystal energy as you phone wallpaper — whatever works for you as far as keeping the images near you.

4) I write a 5 to 10 page report for you.  The report contains more intuitive guidance, as well as full explanations of the crystals that “chose themselves” to be part of your layout, and why.  

So you receive: a 30 to 45 minute verbal guidance session, an intuitive crystal mapping specifically attuned to your energy and need for crystal therapy, photos of the layout, and a 5 to 10 page report that contains more guidance and deeper explanation of your specific crystals.

The layout remains active for 2 weeks.  During this time, you may have a healing crisis of some kind, depending on the type of therapy you requested. You may experience immediate relief of physical issues, emotional issues, and etc., and sometimes layers of the issue come up for healing over the 2 week period.